5 Tips to Keep Calm During your Practical Driving Test

Taking your practical driving test in Australia can be a hugely stressful experience.

These 5 tips are designed to give you some great advice on how to stay calm and be as relaxed as possible through the whole test.

1) Make sure you’re prepared. Have the last lesson with your driving instructors Queensland and ask your instructor to go through anything that you’re unsure about, as this will make sure that the things you find difficult are fresh in your mind. This will mean you’re as prepared as you can be to take your practical test.

Practical Driving Test

2) Remember that your driving test examiner is human! They want you to do as well as you can do, and they’re not there to try to fail you. Have a chat with them before your driving test starts, as this will show you that they’re a person too and it will help build up a friendly relationship with them.

3) Don’t forget to breathe. We have a tendency to forget to breathe deeply when we’re stressed, and this puts even more strain on our bodies. If you ensure that you’re taking deep breaths throughout your practical test then your heart rate will be lower, and your body will feel much more relaxed. This will also help to keep your mind more clear, which will help you to perform better!

4) It’s not the end of the world if you do fail. Many people have to take their driving test more than once, and it’s not something that you need to be ashamed of. Things do go wrong, but if you do make a mistake don’t worry about it and just focus on what is coming next. If you dwell on any mistakes that you think you’ve made then you won’t be able to give the road your full attention, and you’re more likely to make more mistakes.

5) If you’re unsure of something your examiner has said, ask them to repeat it. When you’re taking your practical driving lesson you want to do the best that you can, and if this means getting clarification on an instruction then it’s worth asking for that instruction to be repeated. You don’t want to turn right when they’ve asked you to turn left!.